Need to Sell Your Home Quickly? Don’t Make These Mistakes

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You need to sell your home, and you need to do it now. Maybe you’ve just got a job in another part of the country. Maybe you’re just really desperate for cash. Or maybe it was built over a holy burial ground and you’ve had enough of all the mean ghosts. Whatever your reason is, you need to get out of there and get your hands on the resultant cash as soon as possible.

Many people have found themselves in this situation. Unfortunately, in their desperation to sell, many have made some big mistakes in the process. It’s easier than you think to fall into the several traps an overly eager house seller may make. Here’s a guide to avoiding some of the common mistakes someone who needs to sell their house fast can make.

Consider all your options

Before you start screaming “I need to sell my house fast!” to everyone you meet, you may want to sit down, relax, and plan your next moves carefully. Putting your house straight onto the market might seem like the obvious answer. But you really should be investigating all your available options. Have you considered seeing if a friend would be willing to buy it from you? They may want a “mate’s rate”, but you could still get a good deal. A real estate investor may also be willing to give you a strong price with short notice.

Got a good early bid? Take it

One of the problems with wanting to sell a house is trying to figure out the “right time” to sell. This goes with pretty much any asset which people want to sell, especially things like shares. But if you need to sell your house now, then you should sell your house now. Don’t sit on the property and hope that there will be some kind of nebulous upswing in the market. No-one can guess what’s going to happen to the market, so you could be waiting for weeks, months, years. So if you get a someone wanting to buy your house at a strong price, don’t make the mistake that several people in this position make. They assume, on the basis of this high early bid, that an even higher one will be just around the corner. Don’t take that risk. Need to sell fast? Like the sound of an offer? Just take it.

Introduce your house to the market at a good price

The most common mistake that property owners looking for a quick sale make? They get their house onto the market at their ideal (and often high) price. This can work okay for those who aren’t in a rush to sell the place; they’ll keep the price consistent and be patient. But people in a rush will soon start to make small reductions when they’re not getting any offers. Of course, prospective buyers will be able to see these price reductions as they occur. What these reductions are telling people is that no-one is interested in your house. If no-one else is interested, why should they be? Don’t work your way towards a realistic off. Start there. Look at the value of the properties in your neighborhood. Work out the average price. Now try introducing your home to the market at 7-10% below that average value. The newest and cheapest property in the neighborhood? It’ll be gone soon enough.

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