Personal Expenses You Might Forget You Have to Cover


We all face a lot of expenses in our personal lives, but some are more obvious than others. It’s easy to forget about certain expenses and fail to budget for them. Here are a few of the main expenses you may forget you have to cover each month.

Credit Card Charges

Believe it or not, it’s very easy to forget about credit card charges. We have the card with us all the time and it’s almost as though it’s free money. For that reason, it’s very easy to spend on your credit card without a second thought. But, this does mean you’re going to need to cover the charges each month. Don’t forget about these or you might face financial problems. Keep receipts from all credit card transactions for reference.


Everyone has hobbies, and they’re all things that we enjoy. As such, it may not occur to us that they are an added expense. If you have a horse, you’re going to need to cover the costs of grooming and horse trailer insurance. If you play tennis, you’ll need to pay for court time, and equipment. These are all costs associated with hobbies, and you’ll need to account for these.

Phone Bill


When you use your mobile phone, it often doesn’t occur to you that a bill will be due. Our mobiles have become an intrinsic part of our lives. So much so that we almost just take them for granted now. But you need to remember that, unless you’re on pay as you go, you’re going to have a bill each month. Now, this will be a set amount, for the most part, so you know what to expect. But, there is always the danger of going over your price plan and having to fork out extra. Just be aware of this when you use your phone.

Some Debts

If you have a lot of debts then, of course, this needs to be a financial priority as you probably want to get out of debt quickly. However, if there are quite a few companies collecting from you, it can be difficult to keep up with. It’s hard to remember what you owe and to whom. So, the best bet would be to write down all the debts you have, and when you’re due to pay. This means you can budget much better for it.


Everything costs money nowadays, and that’s something you need to get used to. We think of posting letters and packages as an automatic thing. But, in reality, it’s going to cost money. So you need to make sure you account for this when you go to the post office. Try to do some research online first to find out about costing. This way it won’t take you by surprise when it does happen. Remember, the prices are all weight related.

There are so many costs in day to day life, and it’s easy to overlook some. This is a list of some of the main expenses you may well overlook. They aren’t immediately obvious, so it’s very easy to forget that they need to be paid. Make sure you study this post and that you account for these expenses next time.

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