Private Money lenders – Cannot discount their importance


Private lenders are the ideal lending institutions for those who fail to qualify or into getting loans from traditional lenders. Traditional lenders have a set of criteria which has to be fulfilled by people to qualify in order to get loan approvals.

The most important criteria for getting the loans from the private money lenders is the minimum credit score which a person should have. People who don’t have the minimum credit score which is set by the traditional lenders cannot avail loans from them.

In fact looking at the current state of the economy, a lot of people have been rendered jobless, a lot of them have suffered business losses which would take them years to recover. All this means that there are higher chances of them failing to meet their financial obligations, getting into delay and default on the debt repayments. All this would be reported to the credit bureaus and can cost them their credit ratings. It was just a few years from now when people gave no heed to their credit ratings. Things were moving at a pretty fast pace and people were hopeful that their conditions will only improve in the years to come with more job opportunities. This prompted them into making commitments which drove them towards making a continuous repayment of the same.

However, with lower credit rating in the current times, getting loans has become a lot difficult and when it comes to getting business loans the pain can be higher with a number of rejections getting your way. It therefore means that either you have a good credit rating or you are ready to look for the alternative sources of funding when in dire need  of funds.

The banks generally keep themselves away from lending to the individuals and businesses who are having a good credit. For such cases, private lenders are very important for those who don’t have the required minimum credit score for getting loan from traditional loans for people with bad credit lenders as these private lenders have very lenient criteria’s for person to qualify for loan from these private lenders. You’ll get to know more about these private lenders in this article.

The Need for Private Bad Credit Lenders

Getting a loan amount with bad credit score is quite difficult for people as lenders find it risky lending money to people who have bad credit score with them. Usually people get secured loans easily but to get an unsecured loan a person should have a good credit score and history so that they can qualify for the loan amount with less interest rate charged on them. Secured loans are backed by collateral so lenders easily grant the loan money as they don’t have risk of losing money because they can recover the debt amount by selling the collateral asset of borrower but with unsecured loans they have high risk of losing money as they don’t have any collateral which they can use to recover the debt amount if in case the borrower fails to repay the loan amount. That is why it is said that a person should always maintain a good credit score because good credit scores indicates good behavior of a person regarding their finances which plays a very important role for a person to qualify for unsecured loans from traditional lenders.

Alternatives to Private Money Lenders

Private money lenders are very important for those people who have bad credit score with them as they cannot qualify for loan from any traditional lenders as they require good credit score of a person but in case of private lenders they don’t check credit score of a person. Instead they do charge very high interest rate on the loan amount. Private lenders take the social security number and the checking account number as they lend money on the basis of next paycheck so they could take out their money directly from the checking account. It is very important for a person to take loan from a reputable private lender as a borrower have to share very important information with them and if in case the information gets leaked then the borrower will have to face serious problems.

The most important alternatives which can be taken by people in case of taking loan from private lenders are the payday loans. These are the loan which is backed by next paycheck in which lender will lend you money by seeing that you will pay them off with your next paycheck. These loans are for short duration and the repayment is done in full. The borrower is charged with reasonable interest rates in these loans.

Car Title Loans: even if there is requirement for less money then a borrower can go for car title loans in which he will get 75% of the loan amount on the equity of their car which they can easily get as car will be collateral against the loan amount and the interest rate charged n these loans is also loan. The car can also be used by borrower it’s just the contract will be signed that if in case borrower fail to repay the loan amount within the given time period then the possession of car will be transferred to borrower.

Before you take a final decision with regards to the business loans you take, make a detailed account of the lenders you are dealing with, understand their experience and expertise dealing with these loans and the kind of flexibility they can offer you in case you are faced with tough times.


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