Saving Money on Your Travels this Summer

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With summer around the corner you might be thinking about taking some time out to go travelling. The question is this: where do you go? If you are backpacking, the traditional destinations of the USA and Australia are popular, while many of the countries in Europe are highly recommended. The Far East is becoming popular as more countries become accessible, and it has a certain magic and allure that is irresistible. Then there is Africa, a continent of much majesty and wonder, and little can beat a safari in one of the amazing National Parks across this amazing continent.

However you are travelling, and wherever you may be going, there is always one factor that has a major impact, and that’s money. You need to keep spending to a minimum as it is not cheap to travel, but we had a look and came up with some great ideas for saving money when travelling, so here goes:

Pack Light – this is great advice, as travelling light is always advisable. You should only pack what you want, and make sure you have a backpack of the right size. If you’re flying, this is even more sensible, as it means less expense and easier travelling. You can find a great review of backpacks – and many other items – at an excellent site called Best Reviewer, where you can also read about many other items that might come in handy when travelling, including travel irons, alarm clocks, and even weather stations. We recommend you check it out now for all the information you need on your travelling gear, and great prices too.

Book Ahead – you can save money on many travel expenses by booking in advance, especially if travelling by rail. This means you have all your tickets ready before you set off, so you can be sure you have everything in place for your journey to come. Also, look for special offers with rail and flight operators, as these can lead to great savings.

Shop Sensibly – in many countries eating out can be very expensive – as can drinks – but you will find that, as at home, everything is much cheaper in the local supermarket! Check out the shops where you are staying, and you may find you can make great savings by shopping as you would at home.

Take a Walk – if you have a local map – or an app that can help – try walking across the town or city rather than taking public transport. This can be a great money-saver, and also the best way of admiring the local scenery. Take care to be vigilant, however, as there can be unscrupulous people in even the friendliest of places!

That’s a few tips from us on saving money on your travels, but we really do recommend you visit Best Reviewer and have a look at some of their excellent reviews of travel items and gadgets, as that will enable you to save money even before you set off on your journey.

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