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Looking for writers and bloggers to write great guest posts

I am always on the look out for new content so if you have you are interested in guest posting on Money Zebra get in touch with me at contact@moneyzebra.com. Put the subject line as “Guest Post Zebra” so I know what the email is about. Please beware I do have some guidelines to maintain quality content to my readers. See below for the details.

Guest post guidelines

1. Articles must be a good length so 500 words + is required

2. Content must be 100% unique, this will be checked to make sure it is!

3. The post must be related to money and be helpful to readers

4. You may put an author bio at the bottom of your post with a link for you

5. Any images used you must include reference if it is needed

6. If I feel the need the article needs editing in some way to improve it I will do

That’s all, I look forward to receiving your submissions!

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